Barcode Ticket Dispenser (BTD)

Barcode Ticket Dispenser (BTD)

The Barcode Ticket Dispenser main function is to issue a parking ticket to the visitor upon pressing the ticket dispense button. After ticket being issued, the BTD will send a sign to open the lane barrier and allow the vehicle will pass through. BTD is usually located at the Ingress entrance area.
The BTD system can have an option to integrate and install a Season Pass Reader for all season pass holder to tag at the reader and enter the car park. There is also an option to integrate and install a camera to capture the driver photo once the ticket is being issued. The BTD also has a intercom system that allow the visitor to communicate with the parking office in the event if any error occurred at the entry area .

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MaxPark is a recognized leader in the field of parking management solutions in Asia Pacific for more than 30 years and ISO 9001 certified.
MaxPark, a recognized leader in parking management solutions in the Asia Pacific for over 30 years, is proud to be ISO 9001 certified. Additionally, we are certified TNG system integrators, ensuring top-quality service and expertise in our industry-leading solutions.
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