MAXPARK is a recognized leader in the field of parking management solutions for more than 25 years.

This is the key to its long-term growth and profitability.

At Sigma Technology Sdn Bhd (SigmaTech), innovation is one of the three pillars of the company’s strategy, alongside growth and performance. Established since 1989, SigmaTech has been on the cutting-edge of technology and innovation in the information technology industry and has grown to become one of the biggest providers of Automated Systems Integration particularly for the transport and traffic industries in the country.

Leveraging its high level expertise in systems integration and its experience in car parking solutions, SigmaTech has developed the MAXPARK range of innovative public parking solutions combining exceptional stability, flexibility, reliability and ease of use.

Today, SigmaTech has established a strong presence in many major cities and towns across Malaysia and has now spread its wings to countries like Thailand, Brunei, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Cambodia, Vietnam and India.

Innovation at Sigmatech

  • Provide creative solutions to the ever growing needs of IT automation
  • Provide customized total solutions in the design, development, supply, installation and maintenance of high technology products

Innovation at MAXPARK

  • Improved accountability of collection
  • Flexible parking rate setting
  • Increased revenue
  • Comprehensive reports for auditing
  • Increased security
  • Minimum supervision