Parking is the way a property first greets its guests, setting a first impression and expectations for the remainder of the visit.

Maxpark PGS removes stress from the parking experience, optimizing the path from entry to space. The parking process is remarkably faster and easier, delighting guests and enhancing the property site’s reputation. By eliminating drive time previously wasted in search of parking, Maxpark PGS System also drastically reduces tailpipe emissions, shrinking the property’s carbon footprint. Better utilization efficiency from Maxpark PGS System can even reduce the number of parking required, leading to significant savings in new construction costs.

Existing Problem

Overall car park efficiency is diminished, deterring customers from return visits. This is a common problem for complex car parks and sites with high turnover.


Maxpark PGS System uses an Ultrasonic sensor with integrated signal lights that communicate to drivers where open spaces are located.


  • 10% improvement in car park utilization
  • 44% reduction in time to park
  • Improved customer service justifies installation of paid parking or increasing parking rates

Entrance & indoor signage directs car to available space

  • Electronic display boards indicate the direction and quantity of available parking spaces
  • Signage is updated in real-time
  • Multiple signage options for varying decision points

Ultrasonic Detector

Voltage RatingDC18 – 24V
Power Consumption0.5W
Detectable Range0.3m – 4.5m
Detectable Angle±15°
Detectable Distance SettingDIP Switch (OFFLINE mode) or Automatic (ONLINE mode)
Working Temperature-10 – +55°C
Dimensions105mm x 105mm x 60mm
Protection ClassIP55

LED Indicator

Voltage RatingDC18 – 24V
Power Consumption≤0.36W
Display ColorRed & Green, Red & Blue
Single LED BrightnessRed Lamp: 60cd/m2 – 80cd/m2 ;
Green Lamp: 125cd/m2 – 168cd/m2
Working Temperature-10°C – 60°C
Dimensions Diameter78mm, Height: 50.6mm

Zonal Controller

Voltage RatingAC220V±10%, 50Hz ± 1Hz
Power Consumption≤10W
Display ModeLCD, LED Lamp
Baud Rate9600bps
Loading Quantity96 sensors
Communication Maximum Distance1200m
Working Temperature0 – 60°C
Dimensions275mm x 320mm x 130mm

Master Controller Server

Voltage RatingAC220V±10%
Power Consumption≤5W
CommunicationUpward RS232, Downward RS485
Baud Rate9600bps
Dimensions430mm x 260mm x 60mm