The VMAX is an intelligent product designed to accommodate numerous applications such as vehicle counting, toll systems, parking lot, traffic control, and traffic analysis. VMAX can be adjusted intelligently to any environments and virtually eliminating false detection. On the front panel, the frequency can be altered to completely eliminate any crosstalk. If intermittent happen or failed loops get self-restored, the detector will resume to normal operation without manually reset the detector. Equipped with three color LED status indicators representing “Detect”, “Power”, and “Loop Fault”. Reset button can be used to reset the detector.

VMAX has two separate output relays. Output A is presence output which is can be extended for 0, 2, 5, 8, 10, 15, 20 or 30 seconds, programmable with external DIP switches. Output B, programmable with external DIP switches, provides presence, pulse on entry, pulse on exit, or failed output. Any vehicle with a speed of no more than 120km/h will be detected. It also consists of 11-pin Amphenol rear connectors.


  • One channel loop detector.
  • No warm-up time required.
  • Self –tuning and complete environmental tracking.
  • Four selectable loop frequencies to eliminate crosstalk.


Voltage12-24 VDC
Power Consumption<6VA
Operating Temperature-40°C ~ +82°C (- 40 °F ~ 180 °F)
Air Humidity<95% not bedewing
Loop Frequency Range20-80 KHz
Loop Inductance20-2000µH
Loop Induction Length<500m
SensitivityΔL 0.01% to 2.56% with 16 Selectable Levels
  • Operating/no load current principle adjustable via switch.
  • Contacts: 110VAC, 10A, 1100VA
Signal Period, Impulse Time>250ms
Response Time10-90 ms
Dimensions (mm)76 (d) x 42 (w) x 74 (h)
Weight< 280 grams
Casing MaterialABS plastic