The Season Pass System (SPS) functions as an entry control system for office tenants, gated housing area residents, condominium residents and visitors. The SPS is usually located at the entry and exit areas with a Standing Pole Reader unit. All season pass holders will be issued with a Tag device to be mounted on the car windscreen or as a standalone unit. When approaching the entry area and exit area, the SPS reader will detect the Tag device and trigger the lane barrier to open accordingly.


  • High-Tech advantages of normal sleep mode, infrared wake, CPU automatic identification via wireless communications
  • High Speed Reader, reader distance with good directionality, reading distance can be adjusted (1-20 meters adjustable), Reader angle adjustable.
  • Penetrate* vehicle protection film (such as proof membrane), users do not need to roll down the window while entering and exiting the gate. Especially during raining season, register users can simply drive through the entry and exit point
  • Unique encryption and anti-jamming technology to prevent interference between adjacent lanes


Wireless Carrier Frequency 433.92MHz
Transmission Frequency 38kHz
Reader Angle Range 60°
Effective Distance 1 – 20 meters
Single DC Power Supply, Operating Current 100mA
Working Temperature -10°C – 60°C
Operating Humidity 5% – 95%