The main function of the Smart Card Verifier (SCV) is to verify that parking card has been paid. Upon inserting the parking card into SCV, the SCV will verify with the CMS server whether the card has been paid. After the verification, SCV will trigger the barrier to open and allow the visitor to exit the car park. The SCV can store up to 500 Mifare Classic card per cartridge and all cards can be recycled. The SCV is usually located at the Egress exit area.

The SCV system has an option to integrate and install a Season Pass Reader for all season pass holders to tag at the reader and exit the car park. There is also an option to integrate and install a camera to capture the driver photo once the card had been verified. The SCV has an intercom system that allows the visitor to communicate with the parking office in the event of any error occurring at the exit area.


  • Exit by dropping off mifare card into Smart Card Verifier
  • Exit payment can be verified at autopay station or central payment system
  • Discount validating can be linked to CMS or stand alone
  • Allow to blacklist season pass holder for entry/exit
  • Supports online or stand alone (offline) multiple-type operation


Voltage 230V
Frequency 50 – 60Hz
Power Consumption 120W
Dimensions (mm) 456 (d) x 326 (w) x 1370 (h)
Weight 58kg