The Coin Note Acceptor (CNA) is an economic simple payment collection system that caters for a small car park area or motorcycle parking area only. It is usually located at the entry or exit area and the CNA payment mode can accept coins and notes. It is usually programmed to charge as a fix rate per entry basis for Cars or Motorcycles at entry or exit point. At the end of day closing, the system can generate a daily sales transaction report.


  • Ergonomic & weatherproof casing design
  • Compact internal mounting frame
  • Vandal resistant multi points door lock
  • Attractive & informative front panel
  • LCD display with backlight and contrast adjustable
  • Four way bank note recognition
  • Fast & stringent coin/note recognition
  • Big capacity & lockable coin box
  • Receipt on demand
  • Daily Transaction Report
  • Option to link back to office management system for reporting
  • Setting for two different parking rates


Finishing Outdoor type of epoxy powder coating in yellow and blue
Voltage 230V
Frequency 50 – 60Hz
Dimensions (mm) 300 (d) x 320 (w) x 1258 (h)
Weight 75kg