The main function of the Automatic Lane Barrier (ALB) is to provide a security lane control for any vehicle accessing the car park facilities. ALB units are integrated to the Ticket Dispenser, Exit Ticket Verifier, Season Pass System and Central Monitoring System through Local Area Network. Such integration provides security checking to prevent any illegal action that may contribute to abuse or mishandling of the car park facility. ALBs are located at the ingress or egress and protected by Present Loop Coil & Closing Loop Coil.


  • Suitable for private, public and industrial car parks
  • Anti-crushing safety features
  • Durable weather-resistant housing with double powder coating
  • Halfway reverse action ready
  • Arm swing open on heavy impact
  • Intelligent embedded barrier control
  • Arm vibration compensation with spring mechanism
  • Barrier arm covered with protective foam and reflective stripe (optional)
  • Auto power cut-off time limit to prevent motor from over-heating
  • Barrier gate will automatically reverse back to moving direction when it meets with obstacle during closing
  • AC motor is more powerful and requires minimal maintenance
  • Barrier arm can be chosen from 3m to 6m
  • Closing time can be range from 1.3 seconds to 6 seconds depending on the model number

Advanced features

  • Clutch key can be used to open the clutch during no power supply period
  • Fan cooling machine reduces motor temperature by high frequency with heat-protection. Unique temperature calefaction design for low temperature usage, prevent freezing in cold weather
  • Exactitude aluminium alloy die-casting motor base reduces the noise and joint abrasion to prolong the barrier gate working life
  • Thimble type motor worm design for preventing plugging up in usage
  • Noiseless balance spring and easy adjusting design
  • Double limit methods (electronic limit and motor sensor memory limit) when beam rises and falls
  • Optional direction of closing
  • Optional barrier housing (Sturdy and strong housing 2.5mm thickness mild steel, housing is polished, phosphorized and further finished with epoxy powder coating to ensure long lasting bright colors)


Driving Mechanism Brushless AC Electric Motor
Barrier Arm Positioning Control Photo Beam Sensor
Tile Angle 15° – 80°
Standard Colour 2 Variants (Blue & Grey)
 Special Painting Yes – Minimum Order Quantity Required
 Number of Digital Inputs 8
 Number of Relays / Digital Outputs 8/8
 Specified Number of Cycles Minimum of 1 Million Cycles Under Proper Usage
 Barrier System’s Motor MTBF Minimum 2 Years Under Proper Working Environment


Lane Width Max. 3 – 6 meters
Opening / Close Time 1.3 – 4.0 Seconds
Power Consumption Maximum 120 W
Voltage 220V ± 10% / 110V ± 10%
Frequency 50 – 60Hz
Housing Dimensions (mm) 370(d) x 280(w) x 1080(h)
Weight (Without Boom) 52kg
Housing Design 1.5mm EG Steel With Epoxy Powder Coating
Protection Class IP44
Temperature Range -10°C – 70°C