The Touch N Go System (TNG) function as entry and exit using Touch N Go card and the customer scans their card for entering or exit the parking. After the customer touches the TnG card, the TnG system will send a signal to open the lane barrier and allow the vehicle to pass through. TNG terminals are usually located at entry and exit lane areas. This TNG System also have a server to record all transactions made.



  • Can use any tyoe of Touch N Go Cards.
  • The entry and exit transaction will be recorded.
  • Enable to generate report and view report.
  • Adding Touch N Go transaction capability will give customers added flexibility and speed in making parking payments.


Voltage 230V
Frequency 50 – 60Hz
Power Consumption 120W
Dimensions (mm) 124 (d) x 213(w) x 1202(h)
Weight 30kg
TnG Reader Contactless Smart Card Reader with Display
TnG Reader Voltage 12VDC
Display Liquid Crystal Display (LCD)
TnG Reader ISO Standard ISO 14443-3 Type A,

ISO 14443-3 Type B,

ISO 18092 Type C,

Support all Mifare series card,

Felica Card

TnG Reader EMV Level Level 1 contactless requirements for ISO 14443 interfaces