License Plate Recognition System (LPR/ANPR)

License Plate Recognition System (LPR/ANPR)

Maxpark introduces the technology of License Plate Recognizer (LPR) also known as Automatic Number Plate Recognizer (ANPR) which uses method Artical Intelligence (AI) as the main component to capture the number plate image. The camera recognizes with 99% accuracy and works well for barrier gate control as it is specifically designed to identify and read license plates on vehicles. Maxpark also offers the best parking experience that will make it easy for you to make cashless payments through your smartphone with the payment options we provide are ewallet touch N go, Mydebit, Apple Pay, Samsung Pay & etc.


MaxPark License Plate Recognition (LPR/ANPR) represents a simplified approach to parking access, eliminating the need for traditional tickets. This innovative system offers a seamless, cashless experience where your vehicle's plate number serves as your entry credential. LPR effortlessly detects your plate number upon entry, eliminating the hassle of ticket issuance. It presents a smarter and more convenient solution for parking management



It works by making the entryway and roads safe for everyone. This more than adequate system detects and reads the plate numbers of vehicles that are entering the premises and records them. ANPR can either grant entry to pre-authorised vehicles or scan new plates, it entirely depends on where it’s being deployed, for example, a car park can scan for new vehicles entry, whereas a private company’s building may only let pre-authorised vehicles in.

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MaxPark is a recognized leader in the field of parking management solutions in Asia Pacific for more than 30 years and ISO 9001 certified.
MaxPark, a recognized leader in parking management solutions in the Asia Pacific for over 30 years, is proud to be ISO 9001 certified. Additionally, we are certified TNG system integrators, ensuring top-quality service and expertise in our industry-leading solutions.
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